Finding an organizer

At Refined Space we design custom organizing systems and teach organizing skills, to individuals and business owners who are ready to take control of the clutter in their lives.  Whatever your organizing needs we can help.

We have experience in all aspects of organizing from designing an efficient closet or work space to whole house organizing.  Our most common projects are:

  • Room-by-room space planning and reorganization
  • Office filing systems and computer file organizing
  • Creating financial records systems and budget.  
  • Time-management and improvedproductivity techniques 
  • Small business organizing filing systems and office space
  • Creating work flow systems and space design
  • Electronic organzing 

We also work on a consultive basis as well.  For those clients who really want to do the work themselves, we can design a plan and let them implement it themselves.  If necessary we can come back for further advice.  This works well for the highly motivated person who really just need some ideas.  If you are crippled by your clutter this is not a good option for you.  

Sharon also has extensive experience in working with clients who have Attention Deficit Disorder, helping them to learn techniques to stay organized and accomplish more each day.  ADD can present unique issues that prevent folks from staying organized, but with good systems in place many of my clients find they work at a much more efficient level.  

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